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Since 2010

We’ve been helping organizations transition away from combustion engines and supporting network operation and administration.


We’ve been at the forefront of e-mobility for over a decade. With our technology, we’ve already prevented several tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere, and through the connection of one million assets (Vehicles and Charging Infrastructure) to our Mobility Change Platform, we’ll save tons more. We are committed to decarbonizing the movement of goods and people and helping our clients transition away from combustion engines in a controlled and cost-effective way. Know more about this goal at daloop.earth.

Our platform - the MCP - supports the transition toward low or no-emission vehicles and provides Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and Electric Mobility Service Providers (EMSPs) with the technology and crucial support they need to deliver their own products and services. The MCP provides an integrated view of vehicle and energy data, enabling fleet and facilities managers to plan and operate a network of combustion and electric vehicles along with managing fuel and electricity consumption.

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