La plataforma integral de gestión de recargas de VE para proveedores de energía & utilities.

Pon en marcha, opera y amplía la infraestructura de recarga de VE con la potente plataforma de gestión Daloop.

We know how important it is for Utilities and Energy providers to effectively transition their business model and operations to include EV charging, all while becoming more efficient with existing capacity across this new approach to energy distribution.

In fact, this is precisely what we help enable on behalf of our parent company, the Iberian energy giant Galp - which is just one reason why they were named the most sustainable company in its industry on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

As a utility, you need to deploy flexible solutions for varying customer types, use cases, locations and times of day — a similar and familiar set of challenges awaits you as you develop charging networks of your own.

And as you do, you’ll need the ability to extract data and reports for this charging infrastructure to analyze and optimize usage and revenue within the context of your other CRM, ERP and data tools.

You want control — to white-label, to localize, to process payments, to integrate existing systems of energy production and storage — in order to capitalize on the investment being made on your charging infrastructure.

Utilities and energy providers choose Daloop for all this and more.

Energize and Monetize

Optimize energy usage with load balancing, user access control, and custom alerts and alarms. Deploy and experiment with multiple business models using finely-tuned business logic for usage, tariffs and penalties.

White-label Solutions

Evita fricciones ganando confianza y credibilidad entre tus usuarios finales con la marca blanca de la plataforma y aplicaciones móviles de Daloop para dispositivos iOS y Android.

Integrate and Augment

Optimiza tu ERP, CRM, pasarelas de pago y sistemas de facturación existentes mediante una integración con las API de Daloop, que también puedes utilizar para añadir funcionalidades de eMobility a tus aplicaciones móviles y de web existentes.

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