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The complete EV charging management platform for engineering, design and consultancy firms.

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As electric vehicles continue to proliferate at an expanding rate, we’re seeing perhaps the greatest macroeconomic shift in human history.

Before you “just” went to the gas station to refuel, at fixed locations that haven’t moved much for generations. But now, all of that is up for grabs, at every level.

Wherever you focus your attention – the driver, the charger, the location, the energy, the cost, the revenue – they will all become connected in ways that they never had to before, and fortunes will be made and lost as we dis-aggregate and re-aggregate around new technologies and resources.

At Daloop we see and consolidate all of this complexity into one single source of truth, and enable the opportunities to deploy and support the infrastructure and services that underpin these once-in-a-generation changes.

From analytics for the C-suite, to maintenance tools for the facilities managers, from fine-tuned user access control to versatile payments processing, Daloop’s white label software solutions allow you to capitalize on your investment in EV charging infrastructure and services.

Engineering, design and consultancy firms choose Daloop for all this and more.

Land and Expand

Desde comisiones por referencias hasta la reventa de nuevos servicios, Daloop te permite generar nuevas fuentes de ingresos para tu negocio y ofrecer más valor a tus clientes.

White-label Solutions

Evita fricciones ganando confianza y credibilidad entre tus usuarios finales con la marca blanca de la plataforma y aplicaciones móviles de Daloop para dispositivos iOS y Android.

Tarifas y pagos dinámicos

Podrás establecer unas tarifas dinámicas, políticas de cobro y sanciones con una detallada lógica empresarial. También procesar pagos, reembolsos y gestionar la facturación.

Integrate and Augment

Optimiza tu ERP, CRM, pasarelas de pago y sistemas de facturación existentes mediante una integración con las API de Daloop, que también puedes utilizar para añadir funcionalidades de eMobility a tus aplicaciones móviles y de web existentes.

Energy Management

Optimize energy usage with scheduled charging, load balancing, user access control, and custom alerts and alarms.

Reduce Emissions and Lower Costs

La visión consolidada de Daloop del consumo energético permite tomar mejores decisiones para gestionar el rendimiento y reducir el coste por kilómetro, independientemente del origen de la energía.

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