The complete EV charging management platform for your destination.

From retail and hospitality, to healthcare and education – your people, customers and visitors increasingly expect to charge their EVs on the go.

We know how important it is for EV charging to be delivered not just at home and at work – but on the go too.

From education and healthcare, to retail and hospitality, there is a plethora of destinations that drivers will expect – and demand – the ability to charge their electric vehicles.

Whether it’s offering a benefit to employees, as a necessary operating costs for increasingly electrified fleets, or to attract and monetize visitor parking, there’s a world of complexity – and opportunity – to understand.

You’re looking for ways to share network access, to set tariffs for different user groups, to offer them credit, discounts, promo codes and simple invoicing.

And EV drivers just want a seamless user experience for charging their vehicles, with all the information they need to reserve, charge and go at their fingertips.

Those who want EV charging at their destination choose Daloop for all this and more.

White-label Solutions

Remove friction and create credibility with your end users by white labeling (and localizing) the Daloop platform and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Multi-level User Access

Daloop ofrece una conectividad altamente configurable - pública/privada o ambas, en múltiples redes y grupos de usuarios.

Dynamic Tariffs and Payments

Daloop ofrece una conectividad altamente configurable - pública/privada o ambas, en múltiples redes y grupos de usuarios.

Reserve a Spot

Gestiona el acceso por punto de carga, vehículo, tipo de empleado o por persona. Daloop ofrece una capacidad de configuración segmentada.

Energy Management

Optimize energy usage with scheduled charging, load balancing, user access control, and custom alerts and alarms.

Reduce Emissions and Lower Costs

La visión consolidada de Daloop del consumo energético permite tomar mejores decisiones para gestionar el rendimiento y reducir el coste por kilómetro, independientemente del origen de la energía.

Advanced Monitoring & Reporting

Podrás establecer alarmas por vehículo o grupos de usuarios, para vigilar velocidades excesivas, conducción agresiva, accidentes, salidas de zonas delimitadas, etc. Automatiza los informes de comportamiento, consumo y emisiones de los vehículos.

Integra y expande

Optimiza tu ERP, CRM, pasarelas de pago y sistemas de facturación existentes mediante una integración con las API de Daloop, que también puedes utilizar para añadir funcionalidades de eMobility a tus aplicaciones móviles y de web existentes.

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