Multi-family Housing

The complete EV charging management platform for multi-family housing.

Ofrece servicios de e-Mobility a residentes y visitantes usando una plataforma de software de marca blanca y las aplicaciones móviles de Daloop.

We know how important it is for EV charging to reach multi-family housing, but as anyone involved can tell you, there’s a huge amount of complexity to unpick in order to deliver it effectively.

Site owners typically manage energy contracts, while parking spaces are allocated to or shared between individuals who rent apartments - and who will naturally have visitors and guests, who in turn will increasingly have their own EV charging needs.

Additionally, you might also have other players involved: facilities managers, or perhaps a dedicated charge point installer/operator who looks after the EV charging infrastructure.

Not only that, you need to bear in mind that the parking locations can have limited bandwidth — both in terms of connectivity and power capacity.

In this complex scenario, you want control – to monitor and balance energy usage, to bill the right people for it, and to deliver the most seamless experience for all users - in order to capitalize on the investment made.

Those who install and operate EV charging in multi-family housing choose Daloop for all this and more.

Multi-level User Access

Distinguish between residents, guests, employees and more with customized access control for specific charging stations, at different times, at different rates.

Dynamic tariffs, payments & reimbursements

Podrás establecer unas tarifas dinámicas, políticas de cobro y sanciones con una detallada lógica empresarial. También procesar pagos, reembolsos y gestionar la facturación.

Reserve a Spot

Manage access by charge point, vehicle or per person. Daloop gives you fine-grain configurability.

Energy Management

Optimize energy usage with scheduled charging, load balancing, user access control, and custom alerts and alarms.

Advanced Monitoring & Reporting

Podrás establecer alarmas por vehículo o grupos de usuarios, para vigilar velocidades excesivas, conducción agresiva, accidentes, salidas de zonas delimitadas, etc. Automatiza los informes de comportamiento, consumo y emisiones de los vehículos.

White-label Solutions

Remove friction and create credibility with your end users by white labeling (and localizing) the Daloop platform and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

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