Charge Point Operators

The complete EV charging management platform for charge point operators.

Take control of costs and unlock the revenue potential of your charging infrastructure with Daloop’s powerful tools and insights.

We know how important it is for CPOs to deliver high uptime and energy capacity, all while keeping costs low and maximizing revenue potential of their EV charging infrastructure.

Additionally, you need to fully control and manage the entire network of charging stations, granting differing roles and permissions to those who maintain and make use of them – from executives needing reporting on the global picture, to field operatives seeing which EVSEs need maintenance, to the private, public or mixed access granted to drivers.

Not only that, you need to not be reliant on a single OEM or hardware provider, or surrender customer relationships to a vertically-integrated software brand.

You want control – to white-label, to localize, to process payments, to enable (and charge for) EV roaming across other networks – in order to capitalize on the investment made on your charging infrastructure.

Charge point operators choose Daloop for all this and more.

Optimize and Monetize

Optimize energy usage with load balancing, user access control, and custom alerts and alarms. Deploy and experiment with multiple business models using finely-tuned business logic for usage, tariffs and penalties.

White-label Solutions

Remove friction and create credibility with your end users by white labeling (and localising) the Daloop platform and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.


Manage and optimize charging infrastructure from multiple hardware vendors with Daloop’s backwards-compatible, future-proof software platform.

User Roles

Define and grant access to different user experiences and functionalities depending on their role in your business.

Map View

Get a bird's-eye view of your entire charging network, quickly performing remote actions on any and all charging stations under management.

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