If you build it, they will come.

Why property owners and facilities managers need to deploy EV charging as a service – now.

Ev Charging Solutions for Energy Utilities

How to deploy low-cost smart EV charging with Daloop

As adoption of electric vehicles continues to rise, there is one fundamental truth: EVs must be charged. But how can you weigh the value of your limited budget and finite number of parking spaces against the need to provide EV chargers?

Platform Guide

The best EV charging management platform? Yours (made by Daloop)

We’re never not excited by all of the growing opportunity and competition in EV charging. One of our deepest beliefs – and greatest differentiators – is that Daloop is built for companies that want to elevate their brand and grow their business in EV charging.

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How to integrate EV charging into property and facilities management

Sales of electric vehicles are rising globally, with industry experts predicting nearly 60% growth and about 27 million EVs on the road. Early adopters of EVs and plug-in hybrids have predominantly been home chargers — according to the U.S. Department of Energy, more than 85% of all EV charging is happening either at home or at work, outside of regular work hours.

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From installer to operator, how to grow an EV charging business with white-label software

Installers and operators of EV charging stations are uniquely positioned as the final link to the drivers and vehicles that use them. But to expand beyond hardware and build ongoing relationships with clients and end users, you have a choice to make: create your own management software, or seek out a best-of-breed solution to do it for you.

Platform Guide

Daloop platform guide: how to enable dynamic tariffs

A fundamental requirement for monetizing EV charging is the ability to set the right price. But “the right price” is rarely a single, unchanging number – it necessarily varies and fluctuates depending on who is paying, when, where, for how much and how long.


Daloop joins the EVRoaming Foundation as Full Contributor

We’re honoured to join the EVRoaming Foundation as a Full Contributor to improve and promote the adoption of the OCPI Protocol – Open Charge Point Interface — a true enabler of interoperability and roaming-by-design for all our CPO and EMSP customers around the world.


How CGI cut fleet consumption costs by 20% with Daloop

Improving the financial and environmental performance of one of the world's largest IT and business consulting firms.


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