The best EV charging management platform? Yours (made by Daloop)​

We’re never not excited by all of the growing opportunity and competition in EV charging.

One of our deepest beliefs – and greatest differentiators – is that Daloop is built for companies that want to elevate their brand and grow their business in EV charging.

We don’t just want to be the software partner to those who install, operate and monetize EV charging infrastructure – we want them to take credit for it!

That means the Daloop platform – the back-office and mobile apps for iOS and Android – can be fully branded with the logo assets and colors of our clients, so that they can get closer to their own users and customers. Beyond that, Daloop’s APIs and ability to integrate other ones take the ability to white-label solutions to a whole other level.

(It’s not obligatory though – you can still use “Daloop” if you prefer!)

Your brand, your language too

Not only can you remove friction and create credibility with your end users with clear branding, you can fully localize the platform and mobile apps in your language(s) too. ¡Qué bueno!

Customer loyalty

Some software-led players are making a lot of noise in the market, but their play is a fully vertically-integrated one, and you’re interested in building direct relationships with businesses and consumers. Why should your software vendor come between you? Daloop makes it easy to offer our solutions as your own.


No need to hire in-house developers or invest huge sums in building your own software solution. We’ve been doing this in one form or another since 2010, and have a team of dozens in a company fully backed by one of Europe’s largest energy firms. We’ve got the backwards-compatible, forward-looking platform, apps and dedicated support to help you succeed.

Faster to market

Not only is it cheaper, but it’s faster to deploy too. Our platform and apps are already live and being used by tens of thousands of people worldwide. You can go to market in a matter of weeks.

Let’s talk about how Daloop can work for you.

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