The complete EV charging management platform for your workplace.

Offer EV charging to your employees and reduce your corporate emissions.

We know how important it is for EV charging to be delivered in the workplace, but there is some complexity to unpick in order to deliver it effectively.

Site owners, corporate tenants, fleet operators, facilities managers – and often, the installers and operators of the charging infrastructure itself – must all coordinate to provide EV charging to employees and workplace visitors.

Employers need to provide charging as a benefit for employees, as a necessary operating cost for their increasingly electrified fleets, and to monetize parking spaces for visitors. As such, they need to abstract away the costs for their own people and vehicles as credits, and/or segment pricing tiers in ways that suit their business and user types.

Not only that, ESG reporting has become a fundamental requirement for businesses who are increasingly accountable to stakeholders and society for their efforts in sustainability and carbon emissions reductions.

Those who own or operate the infrastructure need a global view of (and instant notifications for) the assets, their status and activity — as well as being able to efficiently balance the fluctuating needs for power.

At the core, EV drivers just want a seamless user experience for charging their vehicles at work, with all the information they need to reserve, charge and go at their fingertips.

Those who want EV charging in the workplace choose Daloop for all this and more.

Reserve a Spot

Manage access by charge point, vehicle, employee type or per person. Daloop gives you fine-grain configurability.

Energy Management

Optimize energy usage with scheduled charging, load balancing, user access control, and custom alerts and alarms.

White-label Solutions

Remove friction and create credibility with your end users by white labeling (and localizing) the Daloop platform and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Reduce Emissions and Lower Costs

Daloop's consolidated view of energy consumption, regardless of power source, allows for better decision-making to manage performance and lower cost per km.

Advanced Monitoring & Reporting

Set alarms by vehicle or user groups to monitor for excessive speed, aggressive driving, accidents, geofence boundaries and more. Automate reports for vehicle performance, consumption and emissions.

Integrate and Augment

Enhance your existing ERP, CRM, payment gateways, and billing systems by integrating with Daloop’s APIs, which you can also use to add eMobility functionality and features to your existing mobile and web apps.

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