Low-cost, low-power smart charging

Low-cost, low-power smart charging

How we can connect any parking spot to our platform for ~90% less money.

One of the innovations to recently emerge from our R&D team was a “reference architecture” for installing incredibly cost-effective, connected EV charging infrastructure that – alongside normal, fast or ultra-fast charging – massively extends coverage and extensibility.

Three main factors were considered:


EV charging infrastructure is expensive to source, install and operate.


Most vehicles don’t need to be fast-charged – they are parked >90% of the time.


Businesses need to control access and track/report on usage, costs & emissions.

With that in mind, we were able to configure off-the-shelf hardware to create a blueprint for a complementary solution to traditional charging infrastructure. It includes reinforced sockets, which when combined with a smart relay and internal router, are able to connect to a local gateway and onwards to our secure cloud platform.

With that in place, we can enable all the usual smart features: remote on/off control, monitoring consumption metrics, and allow for each spot to be scheduled and reserved in a centralized manner.

Essentially, we’ve been able to bridge any parking spot and EVs with our platform for under 70€ – lowing the cost of electrifying one parking space by several orders of magnitude..

Now, we’re not manufacturers, nor are we interested in providing branded hardware..

But we are in the business of providing solutions to our partners and customers..

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