Facility and Property Managers

The complete EV charging management platform for property and facilities managers.

Offer, operate and optimize EV charging infrastructure with Daloop’s powerful management platform.

We know how important it is for property owners and facilities managers to keep up with the increasing demand for onsite EV charging services, all while ensuring they do not get disintermediated by new global players and a long tail of upstarts.

Additionally, you need to put in place a solution that gives you a unified view of, and control over, your charging infrastructure — from monitoring usage and consumption, to being alerted of hardware malfunctions, to being able to perform simple actions like unlock and reset remotely.

Not only that, you need to separate and control access to charge points for different user groups like visitors, guests and customers, employees and field operatives, or the general public — and have different fees and usage rights associated to each.

You want control — to white label, to localize, to integrate these services into your existing apps and domains, to process payments in multiple ways, to deliver robust invoicing and issue reimbursements — in order to capitalize on the investment being made on your charging infrastructure.

Property owners and facilities managers choose Daloop for all this and more.

White-label Solutions

Remove friction and create credibility with your end users by white labeling (and localising) the Daloop platform and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Multi-level User Access

Daloop offers highly configurable connectivity – public/private/both, across multiple networks and user groups.

Dynamic Tariffs and Payments

Set dynamic tariffs, charge policies and penalties with detailed business logic. Process payments, reimbursements and handle invoicing.

Integrate and Augment

Enhance your existing ERP, CRM, payment gateways, and billing systems by integrating with Daloop’s APIs, which you can also use to add eMobility functionality and features to your existing mobile and web apps.

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