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The complete EV charging management platform for engineering, design and consultancy firms.

Offer EV charging management and services to your customers by partnering with Daloop.

As electric vehicles continue to proliferate at an expanding rate, we’re seeing perhaps the greatest macroeconomic shift in human history.

Before you “just” went to the gas station to refuel, at fixed locations that haven’t moved much for generations. But now, all of that is up for grabs, at every level.

Wherever you focus your attention – the driver, the charger, the location, the energy, the cost, the revenue – they will all become connected in ways that they never had to before, and fortunes will be made and lost as we dis-aggregate and re-aggregate around new technologies and resources.

At Daloop we see and consolidate all of this complexity into one single source of truth, and enable the opportunities to deploy and support the infrastructure and services that underpin these once-in-a-generation changes.

From analytics for the C-suite, to maintenance tools for the facilities managers, from fine-tuned user access control to versatile payments processing, Daloop’s white label software solutions allow you to capitalize on your investment in EV charging infrastructure and services.

Engineering, design and consultancy firms choose Daloop for all this and more.

Land and Expand

From ongoing referral fees to reselling new services, Daloop allows you to generate new revenue streams for your business and deliver more value to your customers.

White-label Solutions

Remove friction and create credibility with your end users by white labeling (and localising) the Daloop platform and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Dynamic tariffs and payments

Set dynamic tariffs, charge policies and penalties with detailed business logic. Process payments, reimbursements and handle invoicing.

Integrate and Augment

Enhance your existing ERP, CRM, payment gateways, and billing systems by integrating with Daloop’s APIs, which you can also use to add eMobility functionality and features to your existing mobile and web apps.

Energy Management

Optimize energy usage with scheduled charging, load balancing, user access control, and custom alerts and alarms.

Reduce Emissions and Lower Costs

Daloop's consolidated view of energy consumption, regardless of power source, allows for better decision-making to manage performance and lower cost per km.

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