Daloop Receives Prestigious Gaia Award for Excellence in Sustainability, presented by Oracle

Daloop has been honored with the prestigious Gaia Award for Excellence in Sustainability at the Oracle Cloud World event in Las Vegas. The accolade recognizes Daloop’s exceptional commitment to reducing carbon emissions and advancing sustainable mobility solutions.

Daloop has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement since its inception in 2010. The company’s mission revolves around the decarbonization of mobility, and its flagship product, the Daloop Platform, serves as an end-to-end operations management solution for eMobility. This platform empowers numerous organizations to reduce emissions and explore new revenue streams through cutting-edge software solutions for EV charging infrastructure, vehicle fleets, and their users.

The Daloop Platform equips businesses with the necessary tools to efficiently scale secure solutions, offering an integrated perspective on EV charging infrastructure, vehicle data, and user insights. By migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Daloop expanded its global presence, leveraging high-performance, security, stability, and scalability offered by Oracle’s cloud services.

“At Daloop, we are passionate about transforming the way people move and are committed to making the world a better place through sustainable mobility solutions,” said Bruno Pinto, COO at Daloop. “Receiving the Gaia Award for Excellence in Sustainability is a testament to our dedication and the positive impact we’re creating. With Oracle’s support, we aim to continue driving innovation in the realm of sustainability.”

The Gaia Award is presented to organizations that not only prioritize the planet in their decision-making processes but also leverage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and emerging technologies, including AI, big data, and IoT, to effect positive change and forge a more sustainable future for generations to come.

For more information about the Oracle Sustainability Awards and the 2023 Sustainability Award winners, please visit Oracle Sustainability Awards.

About Daloop

Daloop is a forward-thinking company dedicated to advancing sustainable mobility through innovative solutions. Since 2010, Daloop has been a pioneer in the decarbonization of mobility, offering the Daloop Platform— a comprehensive operations management system for eMobility. This platform empowers organizations to reduce emissions, unlock new revenue opportunities, and transform the future of transportation. To learn more about Daloop, visit www.daloop.io.

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