From installer to operator, how to grow an EV charging business with white-label software

Installers and operators of EV charging stations are uniquely positioned as the final link to the drivers and vehicles that use them. But to expand beyond hardware and build ongoing relationships with clients and end users, you have a choice to make: create your own management software, or seek out a best-of-breed solution to do it for you.

As a charging point provider, you’re in the business of building, delivering and maintaining charging stations. You’re not in the software business. Instead of cobbling together a system with expensive internal resources, you can white label this functionality, delivering an e-mobility operations platform from the experts under your own brand.

Why should chargepoint installers white label with Daloop?

  • Moving from home charger installer to businesses requires a more comprehensive solution, including backend software. Daloop gives installers the comprehensive tools to manage operational and financial requirements of businesses.
  • Growing your business means establishing and maintaining relationships with customers beyond one-off installations. Daloop offers installers ongoing referral fees and insights to spot new opportunities for installations and maintenance.
  • You have an opportunity now to gain early mover advantage, when barriers to entry are low and others are just beginning to come into the space. Using Daloop, you can extend your reach with customers by potentially taking on monitoring and management of charge points and offering new services.

Why should chargepoint operators choose Daloop?

  • Daloop allows CPOs to proactively manage operations and optimize the costs of the charge-point infrastructure. This means CPOs can keep costs low, from procurement to installation to maintenance.
  • Daloop offers smart energy management, including alerts and alarms, load balancing, tariffs, and user access in the cloud, freeing you to deliver high uptime, availability and energy capacity.
  • Daloop’s platform offers finely tuned settings and business logic for access, usage, tariffs and penalties, providing the agility to maximize your assets’ potential for revenue generation.

In both cases, you’ll be able to:

  • Go to market in weeks using an existing platform dedicated to empowering you or your customers’ brands.
  • Establish a technology platform that is backwards compatible — it works with older systems with no customization needed — as well as designed to adapt with future advancements.
  • Tap potential new revenue streams with industry-leading tariffs, payments and invoicing functionalities built in to the platform.

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