Why charge point operators should bundle Daloop’s white-label EV charging management software

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been increasing in popularity over the past few years, and as a result, the demand for charging infrastructure has also grown.

As more EVs hit the roads, charging stations become busier and more complicated to manage. Charge point operators need to find ways to improve the efficiency of their charging stations and provide better services to their customers. That’s where Daloop’s white-label EV charging management software comes in.

Daloop offers a comprehensive solution to manage and operate EV charging infrastructure, streamline operations, and provide a better customer experience. By managing their business with Daloop’s software, operators can create a unique selling proposition that sets them apart from the competition.

Streamline operations

Daloop’s software is designed to streamline the operations of EV charging stations. It provides real-time monitoring of the charging stations, enabling operators to identify and address any issues promptly. The software also offers advanced analytics, helping them to understand where to optimize, how to improve the customer experience, and to plan for future expansion.

Increase revenue

By bundling Daloop’s software with their charging stations, operators can offer additional value to their customers. The software provides features such as payment processing, reservation management, and loyalty programs. These features enable charge point operators to monetize their charging stations further and increase revenue.

Enhance customer experience

Daloop’s software offers companion (white label) mobile applications that allow driver users to easily find and use charging stations. Daloop also provides them features such as real-time availability information, reservation management, and payment processing. These features enhance the customer experience and help to build customer loyalty.

Customization and branding

Daloop’s software is fully white-labeled, which means that charge point operators can customize it to their needs and brand it as their own. This allows operators to create a unique product offering that reflects their brand’s identity and values.

Operators can also choose the features they want to include in the software and tailor them to their customers’ needs. This flexibility enables charge point operators to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide a unique value proposition.


Daloop’s software is designed to be backwards-compatible and future-proof. It is compatible with all major charging station hardware and supports all types of EVs. The software is also constantly updated with new features and improvements, ensuring that it remains relevant and useful to charge point operators and their customers.

By bundling Daloop’s software with their charging stations, operators can ensure that their product offering remains competitive and up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technology.

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