How to integrate EV charging into property and facilities management

Sales of electric vehicles are rising globally, with industry experts predicting nearly 60% growth and about 27 million EVs on the road.

Early adopters of EVs and plug-in hybrids have predominantly been home chargers — according to the U.S. Department of Energy, more than 85% of all EV charging is happening either at home or at work, outside of regular work hours.

As more people buy EVs for personal use and as companies and institutions purchase EVs for their fleets, the problem of providing charging wherever, whenever, is becoming paramount.

So why should you install EV charging capabilities?

Your property will be more desirable. Did you know that 70% of EV owners make more than $100,000 a year? That makes them highly qualified candidates for residential properties. And for retail, the 30 minutes (or more) a driver will spend charging up gives them more time to shop, increasing property traffic and making your facility that much more attractive to higher-end tenants.

You can take advantage of generous tax credits, rebates and free starter programs. From the United States to Europe and the UK, governments are looking for reasons to hand out savings and incentives as part of sustainability initiatives. You can get credits for installation costs and no-installation options from hardware vendors, all in the name of going green.

You can deliver on your commitment to sustainability. There is an ongoing trend toward consumers choosing to live and work in environmentally conscious buildings. Sure, you can earn credits toward LEED certification with an EV charging program, but you’ll also be a part of commercial tenants’ sustainability success.

Offer charging as a service

As a commercial property owner or facilities manager, you’ll be increasingly asked to provide a turnkey EV charging solution for customers and tenants. After all, you don’t want to risk losing your current customers to independent operators who may be aiming for a direct relationship with them by offering this value-added service. Instead, you can expand your relationship, leading to longer leases and other future partnerships.

It’s not going to work to just throw up a row of chargers in the parking lot. You need to be able to measure and charge for energy consumption, and it needs to be automated and seamless to the end user. You need to be able to customize billing for discounts or loyalty programs, and it needs to be smooth, consistent, and hitch-free for the driver.

To take advantage, you need a system that can be easily tuned for your needs, with built-in business logic to facilitate use, billing and invoicing, as well as incorporating local and regional tariffs and penalties.

And, you need a flexible software platform that can easily be bundled with any charging system you have in place or plan to install.

Daloop’s EV charging operations platform is purpose-built to be bundled with any hardware solution — low power, fast-charging or hybrid environments. And with Daloop, you’ll have a global partner whose proven technology has been implemented in different configurations for various building and owner requirements.

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