How utilities and energy suppliers can expand into EV charging

Over the past few years, utilities and energy firms have been searching for a way to incorporate EV charging. Earlier this year, Shell was the latest, gobbling up EV charging station network provider Volta.

The common goal is to deliver EV charging on a mass scale, to transform gas/petrol stations into charging platforms and become an e-mobility service provider, or EMSP. These organizations are not only supplying electricity to drivers at service stations, but they’re also providing the power to office parks, shopping centers, and homes. Today, they often have direct-to-consumer relationships as well via loyalty programs.

Yet is buying up charging stations the key to delivering widespread EV charging?

The hardware is part of the challenge as you seek to effectively transition business models and operations. But the transition to an e-mobility company is more than a one-for-one exchange.

You can’t just swap out pumps for power cords. It’s time to re-consider the model, and to think about what else needs to change as your business changes.

Capacity is a big challenge. Electrical grids the world over are being tested—can they handle increased demand from EV charging, at the right speeds, without overloading the system or dramatically increasing costs?

Customer needs can vary widely. Utilities provide power to a wide range of customers, from office parks and retail complexes, to apartment and residential properties, to campuses and institutions. Providing a comprehensive EV charging management solution to different use cases demands flexibility.

There is one e-mobility operations platform that is already driving one of the world’s most forward-looking energy companies toward EV charging: Daloop.

Iberia’s largest energy provider, Galp, took a visionary approach to EV charging and acquired the innovative technology that is today’s Daloop in 2019. Together, Daloop and Galp, which was recently named the most sustainable company in its industry on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, are delivering on the promise of a more sustainable future.

Daloop is the complete EV charging management platform for utilities and energy providers. With the tools and insights to implement e-mobility and decarbonization solutions today, you can quickly launch, operate and expand your EV charging infrastructure.

Daloop offers smart energy management in the cloud, managing alerts and alarms, load balancing, tariffs, user access, and billing and invoicing. With a flexible, future-proofed mobility platform, you can optimize energy usage and monetize emerging business models.

Daloop’s white-label solutions support and expand your brand and provide mobile apps and localization for varying business models and markets. You can create credibility with your end users without incurring the costs and time to build out a new, sophisticated technology foundation.

Energy companies are jockeying to set up a new business as they try to launch, operate, and expand an EV charging offering. With Daloop, they could effectively transition their business models and operation more quickly, with less risk.

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